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Head Office:Mitsui-Seimei Bld. 1-8-8 Kameid, Koto-ku Tokyo 136-0071 JAPAN
Tel: 03-5626-0711 Fax: 03-5626-0709 E-mail: kuniosa@kuniosa.co.jp

Transcending Borders to Build the Partnerships of Value.

Build the joint business from a global perspective.

In the fifty years since its founding, Kuniosa Metals Co., Ltd. Has continued its involvement in the domestic distribution and international trade of various nonferrous primary metals, and scrap, such as copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, and tin.

It has also been engaged in domestic and international sales of typical processed nonferrous metal products --- including all types of electrical wires and cables, and extruded and rolled copper products. The company has grown steadily into one of Japan’s leading corporations in the field.

 Presently, the two greatest challenges facing humankind on a global level are the need to efficiently reuse resources --- in other words, recycling --- and to prevent industrial wastes from polluting the environment --- in other words, ecology. Since our founding, we at Kuniosa Metals have pressed forward with scrap recycling techniques for copper and aluminum wire and cable, establishing our own advanced, mechanical reprocessing technologies. We use them to fabricate copper and aluminum nuggets at three locations in Japan, which taken together can not only boast of the largest production volume in the country; their production processes and technology have earned high praise both at home and abroad for their recycling efficiency and protection of the environment.

 And now, Kuniosa Metals is building on its wealth of international networking experience and strong domestic corporate connections to strengthen its role as a trading company --- not only of nonferrous metals but of all types of raw materials, plants and equipment, chemicals, and more. Kuniosa metals is also building on its strengths to act as an intermediary or investor in trilateral trade, technological capital collaboration, merger operations, and other ventures, with the goal of creating new international joint business.

Corporate Profile
Corporate Name ●KUNIOSA METAL CO., LTD.
Founding ●April, 1953
Representative ●Haruya Kishi ; President and CEO
●Tomoya Kishi;Representative senior managing director
Stockholders' Equity Capital ●\3,028Million(2018/1/31)
Sales ●\41,821 Million(2018/1/31)
Enployee ●131(2018/1/31)